Kap Lindesnes -

The most southern point

A typical white lighthouse at the stormy coast in the very south of Norway

Last update Nov 2017. Weekend trip

To the most southern point of Norway - or is it not, again?


I do not know why, but we are always keen on getting to the most southern, most northern, most whatever point of a country or region we live or travel in. Same in Norway, of course. So after having been to the North Cape over Easter 2012 - where we discovered that the North Cape isnt really the most northern point in Norway - it was about time to travel to the most southern point, Kap Lindesnes. 


But then a friend asked us whether we have been at "verdens end", the "end of the world", in the south. No, we haven´t. After being at the North Cape and therefore not having been at Norway´s most northern point, have we been wrong again?


Wonderful weekend


So on this wonderful weekend in June 2013 we drove by car slowly along the coast down to the "Sørlandet" heading towards Lindesnes.

After many stops on the way (see the blog entry "Along the southern coastline"), various good lunches at the seaside we drove off the E39 for the last half an hour on a dead-end road to Lindesnes lighthouse.


"Lindesnes lighthouse is Norway´s oldest and most southern lighthouse on the mainland. In February 1655 the first beacon fire was lit" - that are the facts. Much more interesting is to climb up to the top of this rather small lighthouse and listen to the wind. It´s unbelievably noisy, at least when we were there. Or to go down the few meters towards the waterfront and lean forward into the heavy wind blowing from the South - again, when we were there. 


And where is "Verdens end" / "The end of the world"?


Verdens ende (World's End) is totally somewhere else: It lies not far away from Sandefjord at the end of the Oslofjord and is the furthest southern point on Tjøme. The area apparently offers great views towards the Skagerrak and has great bathing and fishing possibilities. According to visitnoray, the name "World's End" originated amongst travellers here in the beginning of the 20th century.


And there is a restaurant with the same name! Not sure if it is anything like the restaurant at the end of the universe from the hitchhiker´s guide to the galaxy, so we have to go there once :-)

Waves crushing against the rough coastline, some ships crossing at the horizon, some stupid tourists trying to barbecue here ... We have to come back when there is a real storm.


In the storm house next to the lighthouse you find an exhibition: the history of the lighthouse as well as different other topics related to the historical and social meaning of the maritim infrastructure of the Norwegian coast.


Soon we were exhausted by the wind and freezing despite the nice temperatures, got us the obligatory magnet for the fridge, enjoyed a quick waffle and coffee and continued our trip along the coast towards Lyngdal.


Distance from Oslo

  • 400 km / 5 hours by car, so you might combine this with another trip



  • The lighthouse itself really and its - naturally - exposed location

  • From here on you can have great trips towards Stavanger, the landscape changes quickly to something more dramatic.


Overnight stay we can recommend

  • paulsenshotell.com/hotell 

Fun fact

  • From here to the North Cape it is 2.300 km via Sweden (or 2500 km when staying in Norway all the time). It would also mean if you would go by car, it would take you 31 (or 36) hours - without breaks. Probably not a good idea...

  • Verdens end ("end of the world") is completely somewhere else...


More information

  • lindesnesfyr.no


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