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OSLO / 24



A classical tour

Some alternatives



09.00 Åpent Bakeri

It is important to start the day with a good breakfast. Get yourself a coffee or latte and a bread roll. Jam & butter is included.


10.00 Slottet & Slottsparken

From the bakery it is just a 5 min walk along where the Prime minister lives to the castle. Enjoy the nice park and take pics of the guards.


10.45 Karl Johans gate

Walk down Oslos main street towards the main station. You come along a lot of attractions: University, National Theatre, Parliament, Church, Grand Hotel & Cafe. For nice souveniers visit Norway Designs or the shops in front of the City Hall.


12.30 Opera

This gorgeous building is a real must! Take a look at the architecture from inside & outside, walk onto the roof and enjoy the view, or book a guided tour. You can have a lunch or just a coffee break in the opera-restaurant. 


14.30 Along the fjord 

From the opera walk along the fjordline down to Aker Brygge. Stop by Akershus festning if you like. The City Hall is also on the way. 


15.30 Aker Brygge

Enjoy the modern architecture of this neighbourhood. Get yourself a coffee or ice cream and watch the boats going and coming. Or take a visit into the Nobel Peace museum. Or shop in the just reopend Aker Brygge Shopping. 


19.00 Dinner

There are so many good restaurants in the city making it difficult to pick one. But in summer I recommend Solsiden with the best view over the Oslo-fjord, in winter Alex Sushi which offers excellent sushi (both expensive, but worth the price). 


22.00 Café Fuglen 

During the day a coffee shop, in the evening a cocktail bar. Enjoy very good cocktails in a super relaxing atmosphere and shop the things you like.

My choice: The Old Fashioned​

Click on the map to get a bigger one with the points marked

09.00 Cafe Fuglen 

Early bird? Not a big breakfast-eater? Take a (very good!) espresso or latte here for a quick start. 


09.15 Slottsparken & Frogner

Visit the Royal Family´s home and the nice Art noveau residential Frogner area on the way to the Vigelandsparken


10.00 Vigelandsparken

Head to this beautiful sculpture park and enjoy the quietness. I have been there many times, but still the sculptures are fascinating me. Want more: the Vigeland museum is around the corner. 


11.30 Ride the city 

Take the number 12 tram towards Kjelsås and do a tour through the city - from Frogner, down to Aker Brygge and through the center towards Grünerløkka.


12.00 Opera or Nobel Peace museum

Get off the tram at Aker Brygge or the Central station for a visit to one of them. Both have nice restaurants for having a quick lunch.  


13.30 Towards Grünerløkka & Café Kolonihagen

Go ahead with tram nr 12 and get off at Schous Plass. If you haven´t eaten before and are hungry check out Kolonihagen which offers tasty Norwegian dishes with regioanl ingredients.ffeen. 


14.00 Vintage is fun!

Enjoy this lively neighbourhood with a lot of coffee shops and great vintage shopping. Markveien is a nice small shopping street, and down by the river you find Mathallen and Tim Wendelboe´s coffee shop. 


19.00 Trattoria Populare

We love this Italian restaurant with good food, excellent wines and a lively atmosphere.


22.00 Parkteatret The Parkteateret centrally located in Grünerløkka is music venue whose foyer is a relaxed art deco style bar. Besides all classical cocktails they offer very good Norwegian and international beer. 

Click on the maps to get a bigger one with the points marked

Part 1

9:00 - 11:30

Part 1

13.30 - late night

Enjoy your day in Oslo!

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