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The East of Norway ("Østlandet") includes not just the regions closer to the Swedish border, but also the mountainous areas of Jotunheim,  Hardangervidda, Rondane and Dovre national parks.

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The famous hike in Jotunheimen, over a step, narrow edge between two lakes of different colours

The hike is rather long with around 16 km but starts off with a pleasant trip by boat from Gjendesheim to Memurub. The highlight is clearly the 50m short, but quite exposed steep climb. The reward is the famous look down to the 2 differently coloured lakes.

 Our tours in the East


Freezing in the historic copper town, visiting Olav mine, skidding of the road and lots of snow digging

"Just" 5 hours North of Oslo, Røros is the perfect wekeend destination in the winter when -5 degree in Oslo is too warm for you. This little cosy town has a great atmosphere in every season, but when it is really cold, with lots of snow, we found it in particular charming - unless you skid off the road.


Hiking up Norways highest mountain

Getting to the top of Galdhøppingen, the highest mountain in Norway, over a glacier and up the steep mountain wall into the heavy fog.

Close by you can travel back in time and educate yourself a bit about the climate of the last 6.000 years. Or just enjoy the charming hotel of Røisheim, one of the oldest hotels in Norway.


Nothing to see, please move one!

"Nothing to see" is a bit harsh but the Winter Olympics Game town from 1994 is rather tranquil except if you go there for winter activities, visit the ski jump or the open air museum, which is really nice.

Oh, and of course there is the Sigrid Unset museum, for the Norwegian winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in 1928. 

Still on the travel list

Apple tree blossom at the Hardangerfjord

Skiing in Trysil

Visiting the Sigrid Undset museum in Lillehammer

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