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We have been to the North quite often and clearly, it is our favourite part of Norway.
Pure and rough nature, exciting activities and the special light in both summer and winter makes it a truly fascinating region. 



In 3 steps from Bergen to Kirkenes

Relaxing, reading or taking pictures and, at the same time, enjoying a unique landscape sliding past on one of 12 cruise ships: That is Hurtigruten.

We tested it extensively.



Enjoying the North again

After flying to Tromsø, we boarded Hurtigruten and enjoyed 2 days the snow covered coastline. Arriving at Kirkenes, we took a taxi to Murmansk, visited the world first nuclear icebreaker and otherwise had some Russian shashlik and wodka.


Celebrating the New Year in the dark but with Northern Lights

Why should one travel to the beautiful island during the time of the year when there is only 4 hours of daylight? Snow covered mountains, dramatic winter storms, peace and astonishing Northern Lights would be our answer.

The Varanger peninsula located in the North-East corner of Norway is a paradise for nature lover, in particular for bird-watchers. The national tourist route up there as well as a king crab safari has been high up on our bucket list for some years, so this was the time to do it.


In case you do a wrong turn

In case you do a 'wrong turn' on the way to the North Cape, keep on going on the National Tourist route towards Havøysund and enjoy yet another stunning landscape, surprisingly good food at the very end of the road and a view like no other.


De Syv Søster, Vega, Torghattan and lots of islands

One of the greatest and outside Norway still relatively unknown hikes, De Syv Søstre, brought ​us here. But there was more to see as our stay proved: A mountain with whole, Vega islands etc.

Coming soon...

Still on our travel list

Lofoten once again
in the summer

Hiking to 


With Hurtigruten to the Artic - Svalbard in summer

Going on whale


Watching reindeer

flock getting heard together



Staying overnight in an ice hotel

Why would you stay overnight in an icy room on slightly stinky furs and pay for it? Because it is huge fun!

Artful ice sculptures, an ice bar with cocktails served in ice glasses, an ice chapel and a honeymoon suite, outdoor hot tube with champagne and an excellent restaurant.

 Our tours in the North


Driving behind snow plows to Europe´s

northernmost point

To be at Europe´s northernmost tip is something special, even though there is not really much to see.

The first time we were there during Easter and enjoyed lots of snow plows and a beautiful white landscape.

Since then, we returned a few times and enjoyed it every time.



Hiking, fishing, kayaking in a fantastic scenery

We were late with our holiday planning, so we ended up on Senja, just north of the Vesterålen & Lofoten. And what a landscape we discovered, with daylight round the clock another unique experience.
On the way back, we also spent some time on the famous Lofoten.


5 days in the very very North

There is no other place on Earth so far up north where you can do snow scooter driving, dog sledding, ice cave visiting and hiking in such great nature so easily.

We were on Svalbard when the sun started to come back, so we enjoyed the "blue hour" for most of the day, given the scenery an additional, icy look and feel.



Gliding through the woods and over frozen rivers, with our own dog sledge

This is the best way to enjoy Norway's winterly landscape, by far: Flying to the North, driving to Karasjok in the Sami-land, staying overnight at the beautiful, self-built cottages at Engholm Husky Lodge and then riding out a day with huskies & sledges.

One of our personal favourites.



A long weekend with music, museums, acquarium

We liked this surprisingly lively little city with its wide offer of good cafes and restaurants, live music, museums and of course the "Ishavskatedralen". And some shopping in the even in the winter ice-free main street.

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