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18 scenic drives for the traveller with time

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Our tours covering National Tourist Routes (from North to South


The bird paradise in the North-East


In case you do a wrong turn

Senja & Lofoten

Hiking, fishing, kayaking in a  fantastic scenery


De syv søster, Vega, Torghattan and lots of islands

Geiranger 1+2

More than just for one holiday

Sognjefjell & Aurlandsfjellet


From Kristiansand to Haugesund

Atlantic Road

The road over 6 islands and 7 bridges

Norway´s national tourist routes: Scenic drives alongside stunning nature, impressive architecture and sculptures

Initiated in 1994, and project work ongoing until this year, 18 routes were selected to become national tourist routes: 5 above the arctic circle, one right on it and 12 in the lower third of Norway. Though they were not only selected because of the amazing scenery and the typical, and by that, very diverse landscape in Norway, but also to increase tourism in some more remote places: Every one of them is worth an extra trip.


And while other countries just declare some nice roads “national” or give them the label “scenic”, Norway has spent a fortune over the last 20 years not only to upgrade facilities along the routes, but also to engage with around 50 artists and architects. The result can be admired in diverse and beautiful sculptures, experimental roof-constructions and spectacular bridges.  


Taking into account the geographical spread of the roads and their sheer combined length (1850 km) it is not surprising that we have not been able to explore them all, yet. However, on those we have traveled, two places come immediately to our minds: The stone cube at Mefjellet (the big picture above, where Kati performs inside) and the sightseeing point above the Aurlandsfjord (the small picture on the right side). On the other hand, the tour on Senja was also great. Not to forget the Atlantic road of course...


Mhm, you see, it becomes difficult to choose favorites. And admittedly, it also depends a lot on the weather what kind of impression these places leave behind. Bad weather or a bit of fog might just be the right ingredient to create a real Norwegian atmosphere and to give you an unforgettable memory.


In case you don’t have much time to focus on the national tourist routes only, make a detour or two and drive a least a part of one of them. And take the extra 10 minutes to stop at the marked places, it’s worth it!


You will find brochures describing the 18 routes under or follow the links below. If you are interested in more background information, you can download the heavy but totally worth reading it 176 page brochure "Detour".


in English


in German


in Norwegian

Fantastic brochure with lots of background information

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