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Once more: Geiranger Fjord

From Bergen to Ålesund by Hurtigruten and further on to the Geirangerfjord

Getting back to the probably most beautiful fjord in Norway: the Geiranger for relaxing, kayaking and hiking.

Inclusive Ålesund and Trollstigen.


A lighthouse somewhere between Bergen and Ålesund

We liked to stay at a lighthouse once but we cannot recall why we chose this one: It doesn´t get much more remote, on an island, somewhere between Bergen and Ålesund, at the end of a 30 km dead end road.

But what a location, what a view!



City of kings, famous university and more

Trondheim is mostly known for its technical university and the cathedral (Nidarosdomen) where the royal conorations take place, but this lively city has much more to offer. 


Norway´s Art Nouveau city

Not spectacular, but as it is on our way to Trondheim we could hardly avoid it... just kidding: it´s a really nice little town, in particular at good weather and when you are interested in Art Nouveau.



Mountains, fjords, sculptures,

stave churches, a glacier

and a lot more

Two of Norway´s nature hightlights just right beside each other: a tour frrom Olso to Jotunheimen and crossing the Sognemountains to the Sognefjord.


Stepping in a troll´s tongue

Despite the long strenuous hike (23 km in total), this tour is became hugely popular. In mid-September we went there to whether or not it´s worth all the effort.

Well, it clearly is!

One of the National Tourist Routes runs for 36 km from Kårvåg to Bud over various bridges really close to the ocean. This and the stretch from Molde to Bud and the further way to Kristiansund makes this a very pleasant weekend trip.


Fjords, ferries, glaciers, national tourist route, historic hotels

We spend 4 days exploring the Nordfjord and its various offsprings on a long weekend in spring, with mountain caps still in white but warm winds down at the water.

Coming soon...

Still on the travel list

With the ferry from Stavanger to Bergen

A stay at the Energihotellet in Suldal

A visit to the Edvard Grieg house / museum


Sognefjord, Nærøyfjord and Aurlandsfjord

In case you only have a day or two on the West coast of Norway and you happen to be in Bergen, this is the tour to do. Yes, sounds rather touristic, but we found it more then worth the day.

 Our tours in the West


Several tours to the Hanse city

Norway´s second biggest city and former capital offers at least as many highlights as Oslo. We came here by Bergensbanen, one of the most scenic trains in Europe, stayed some days and enjoyed the city. 


Spectacular hiking at the Lysefjord

Our long weekend trip to the beautiful Lysefjord (near Stavanger), staying overnight at a B&B, enjoying the view from the Preikestolen 700m straight down into the water and testing our courage at the Kjeragbolten.

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