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Historical hotels, lighthouses, cabins in the woods, ski jumps...

Our stay at

Dalen Hotel


At the end of our tour through the Telemark channels

Our stay at

Roisheim Hotel


Walaker Hotel


On our Sognefjord-Tour, we stopped first at Roisheim hotel and then later on at Wallaker hotel, Norway´s oldest hotel 

Our stay at

Utne Hotel


We stayed here when we hiked to the Trolltunga

Our stay at

Kråkenes lighthouse


In the very west of Norway, surrounded by stunning nature, at the end of a 30 km long dead end road.

Our stay at

Struten lighthouse


Out in the Oslofjord, just us and thousands of birds (and bird poo) - entry coming soon

Our stay at

Ice hotel


Having a drink in the ice bar, sleeping on reindeer skin, admiring ice sculptures

We have not done that yet

Stay in the ice


Stay overnight on a sailing boat that is trapped in ice, while polar bear knock on the door - tempting for you?

More unique stays

Snow hotels, right in the nature, self-build... more unique stays you find on this page


Looking for a nice hotel to stay at? Check out "De historiske"

An association of traditional Norwegian hotels

In case you don't fancy towing around your "home away from home"-camper delaying everybody else (...yes, well spotted, we are neighter big fans of caravanning, nor tenting), you might rather consider one of the cozy hotels of "De historiske" once in a while. They are all a bit on the upper price range but, however, spending the vacation in Norway isn't a cheap pleasure in the first place, is it?


At most places, it will be a very memorable, pleasant stay: Be it you spend a night at the oldest hotel in Norway - The Walaker Hotel - nicely located right at the Sognefjord, or at a former farm at the foothill of Norway's highest mountain - Røisheim - or if you prefer a dragon style grand hotel from the old days at the end of a long lake where kings spend their holidays (Dalen hotel) or right in the middle of a historic, UNESCO heritage listed mining town, the Vertshuset or Erzscheidergården hotel in Røros - you won't be disappointed!


We recommend to also enjoy a dinner there: The food is exceptionally good, often offering traditional dishes presented in a contemporary way made of local products. Nothing to complain - except sometimes about the service maybe, but that would be again a rather typical Norwegian thing and therefore a part we - kind of - love as well.


PS That all sounds like advertisement and, admittedly, it is because we really love these hotels and enjoying staying there but we have absolutely no personal advantage here.


PPS In all fairness, and quoting our Norwegian friends, since the Swedes have taken over the service industry a few years back, the service is now considered rather good at most places.


PPPS In case a camper or "tenter" actually reads the article to the end: I like to apologize for being a bit negative about your odd hobby. I admit, going around in Norway with a camper offers maximum flexibility at reasonable expense - but let people behind you pass occasionally, will you?

Youtube videos

Cuisine in De historiske

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