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Stryn and Nordfjord

A beautiful fjord not yet visited by many tourists

Quite days in April with still snow on the mountain tops surrounding the Nordfjord and its branches

Last update June 2017

Long weekend trip

Stryn and Nordfjord - Haven't heard about it yet?










Distance from Oslo

  • 1 hour plan from Oslo to Førde

  • 420 km / 6 hrs by car to Førde



  • Walking or driving to the Briksdal glacier

  • Gorgeous drives along the nordfjord

  • Old postal way from Stryn to Grotli Høyfjellshotel

Overnight stay we can recommend

  • Gloppen hotel, a hotel of the "det historiske" group, slightly old-fashioned

Our personal extra tip

  • Spend an extra night in the Kråkenes lighthouse, on the outer tip of Måløy


Points of interest close by:

  • To the north, the Geirangerfjord is not far away, in the south lies the Sognefjord


More information


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